Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Where do we draw the line between true and false?...........

I'm reaching my 3rd anniversary in SL and over the years i have had a few online relationships, one of which was about as serious as it gets and i was willing to give up everything for him, many times i cried real tears over him and when he disappeared once i felt like my heart would break...... being with him taught me a very important lesson about online relationships, he went on holiday in RL and told me he would be gone two weeks, when that time came and went i was devastated that he didn't return, i emailed him with no reply and was convinced that (as i was sure he loved me and wouldn't leave me without good reason) that something terrible had happened to him, after months of heartbreak i discovered that he was fine and had simply decided to play another game  (wow) instead of coming back to me, it was this that taught me, that to him i was just words on screen  and none of the things he told me were real and when he switched off his computer he switched me off too.

So just where do we draw the line?

I really applaud people who are able to take their SL relationships into RL and make them work, it's not an easy thing to do for sure, to move to be with someone you met online is a big deal, and people who have never been on second life would find this really hard to comprehend.

But for me i am happy to stick with SL only relationships, i won't be crying over them anymore and if they don't last then so be it, currently I'm with Sende and he lives in Spain but will shortly be moving to Cuba, there is no talk of us meeting or being together, we're happy as we are.

and for D, (who i know reads my blogs) i wish you the very best in your life and Thank you for teaching me that almost everything in this life can be fake, but true love lives forever xx