Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tv or not Tv?

This time of year when it's freezing out theres nothing better than sitting in front of the TV snuggled up on the sofa, but it has come to my attention that a lot of stuff on TV these days is seriously fucked up,
having watched a programme on TV this weekend about the Prime Minister being forced to fuck a live pig LIVE on TV for the safe release of the peoples Princess who had been kidnapped by terrorists, in the end it turned out that she had actually been kidnapped by an artist who was trying to make some point or other, but seriously? who comes up with this stuff???

I don't know about you but i find it really hard to watch scary movies that are fictional, i can cope with things that have really happened no matter how grim or gory they are like the Texas chainsaw massacre, or The Krays, but somehow fictional things like the SAW films really play on my mind and freak me out, i find it way more scarier that someone actually came up with the idea of it, than the thought of it actually happening. so i guess Job done for the film makers.

I do love anything Law related or crime fiction, i still find some of it scary but it completely intrigues me more than it scares me, anything involving MI5 i love!!

These days i think we have way too much reality TV and it starts to blur into nothing, with Big Brother making way for I'm a celebrity, and strictly come dancing and xfactor fighting for supremacy i can't help but wonder what happened to the REAL TV, the programmes that people really love and the movies worthy of a box of choccies and a blanket to snuggle under?? i for one can't wait for the crappy Christmas TV with the soap Christmas specials, who will die this year in Eastenders? ( who in their right mind would move to Walford) and the traditional Christmas movies that we all adore, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Mary Poppins after all.