Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tv or not Tv?

This time of year when it's freezing out theres nothing better than sitting in front of the TV snuggled up on the sofa, but it has come to my attention that a lot of stuff on TV these days is seriously fucked up,
having watched a programme on TV this weekend about the Prime Minister being forced to fuck a live pig LIVE on TV for the safe release of the peoples Princess who had been kidnapped by terrorists, in the end it turned out that she had actually been kidnapped by an artist who was trying to make some point or other, but seriously? who comes up with this stuff???

I don't know about you but i find it really hard to watch scary movies that are fictional, i can cope with things that have really happened no matter how grim or gory they are like the Texas chainsaw massacre, or The Krays, but somehow fictional things like the SAW films really play on my mind and freak me out, i find it way more scarier that someone actually came up with the idea of it, than the thought of it actually happening. so i guess Job done for the film makers.

I do love anything Law related or crime fiction, i still find some of it scary but it completely intrigues me more than it scares me, anything involving MI5 i love!!

These days i think we have way too much reality TV and it starts to blur into nothing, with Big Brother making way for I'm a celebrity, and strictly come dancing and xfactor fighting for supremacy i can't help but wonder what happened to the REAL TV, the programmes that people really love and the movies worthy of a box of choccies and a blanket to snuggle under?? i for one can't wait for the crappy Christmas TV with the soap Christmas specials, who will die this year in Eastenders? ( who in their right mind would move to Walford) and the traditional Christmas movies that we all adore, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Mary Poppins after all.

Monday, 28 November 2011


So what is it with us women and our fascination with shoes? it's like they are the Holy Grail or something, when i see a pair of shoes i want i obsess about them until i have them and no matter how much they kill my feet (and mostly they all hurt) i wear them to death until i spot the next pair that i need. Thank the Linden Gods that i can wear heels 24/7 pain free in SL, cause seriously some of the shoes i wear in there i would break my bloody neck wearing them in RL.

This week in SL my darling sis Brookie and i almost missed the N-core sale!! (OMG i think we would have sobbed for a month if we missed out on shoe bargains) so off we went and bought shoes in colours that we'd probably never choose just because they were on sale, i mean WTF!! how many outfits in SL do i have that i will wear Lemon colour shoes with?? but but but they were only $295L , so that's my argument and I'm sticking with it!

But now i have a little problem, I'm actually gonna have to get a job cause i blew my tier money on shoes (ooops) i dare not tell my fiance that we might be homeless in a couple of days because wifey can't control her shoe habit and spunked the rent at N-core he might actually hit the roof and divorce me before we're even married :-(  if only i could convince the owners at N-Core that i would blog my little ass off about their shoes if only they would give me the entire collection for free ( Not a chance)

Friday, 25 November 2011

In the family way or the family in the way?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a different family? or have no family?
I'm lucky enough to come from a really large and very close family, aside from our New Zealand and American contingent we all live really close to each other, within 30 minutes drive.
Mostly this is great cause we get to see each other all the time but sometimes i wish i could move to a desert island and just pop home for Holidays.

There always seems to be one member of the family that's the organiser/fixer and in my family thats me, i'm the one people come to when things need to be done, or when theres an event to arrange, or you need something from someone else in the family. in short i'm Jim'll Fix it.

We all have our own specific roles within our unit, from the Spongers that rely on others, the Whiners that call you daily to have a moan, the needy oldies that want lifts here and there, but where would we be without them?
This year has been a really tough one for my family, we lost my Dad to cancer in the early part, my mum has had to have hip replacement surgery, my elderly aunt has been moved into a permanent nursing facility suffering with Dementia and more recently her husband (My dads eldest brother) has taken a tumble and broken his hip too, so i for one will be so glad to welcome 2012.

But the events of this past year have made me see my family in a very different light, i'm grateful that i'm not an only child for one, my sister drives me crazy a lot of the time but since losing our dad we have become very close, three of my cousins are "only" children and i really feel for them, if i hadn't had my sister around when our dad passed away i don't know how i would have coped.

So Basically i think, i'm lucky, lucky to have this crazy bunch of wackos around me, calling for lifts, and advice, and generally annoying the crap out of me because without them i'd be lost.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Money is the root of all evil

No matter how much money you earn how is it, it never seems to be enough?
Do we just constantly live beyond our means or is it we just aspire to be better than we are?

I remember the days when i was younger living at home i never thought i'd ever have enough money to be able to leave home, all my money was spent on going out clubbing and running a car, yet here i am 13 years later with my own home, a child, my own business, hundreds of animals, and somehow i manage to pay for all this, yet theres always someone asking me to pay for something more.....

Many nights i sit up and wonder just where this extra money is going to come from, i pore over internet banking and think which of these bills are essentials and which i can live without..... trying to save money anywhich way i can, but still even when this is done and i think i should be better off something else turns up that i need to pay.

I often think to myself how much better off would we be if we didn't have money and we just used the skills we have to earn the things we need, for instance by trade i am a hairdresser so how would it be if when i needed some food i just traded a haircut for some shopping? maybe this would encourage people to actually learn trades like plumbing, carpentry etc and surely we'd all be happier?
I'm sure there are flaws to this plan, like the shop keeper might not actually need his hair cut, but i think we could find ways around it hehehe, maybe i'd just persuade his wife that her brunette hair would look much better blonde or something.

How funny would it be if people that came to my salon for treatments could pay with them with car tyres, or jewellery, or heaven forbid SHOES!!!! now wouldn't that be something

Maybe i could just become a modern day version of Errol Flynns "Robin Hood" running around in tights on my horses robbing the rich to feed the poor, with my band of merry Chicks in tow we'd steal the G's and Prada from the Kardashians and the Beckhams  and take it to Cash Converters and wax the lot on Tesco value stripey goodies for the poor hungry chavs.