Thursday, 24 November 2011

Money is the root of all evil

No matter how much money you earn how is it, it never seems to be enough?
Do we just constantly live beyond our means or is it we just aspire to be better than we are?

I remember the days when i was younger living at home i never thought i'd ever have enough money to be able to leave home, all my money was spent on going out clubbing and running a car, yet here i am 13 years later with my own home, a child, my own business, hundreds of animals, and somehow i manage to pay for all this, yet theres always someone asking me to pay for something more.....

Many nights i sit up and wonder just where this extra money is going to come from, i pore over internet banking and think which of these bills are essentials and which i can live without..... trying to save money anywhich way i can, but still even when this is done and i think i should be better off something else turns up that i need to pay.

I often think to myself how much better off would we be if we didn't have money and we just used the skills we have to earn the things we need, for instance by trade i am a hairdresser so how would it be if when i needed some food i just traded a haircut for some shopping? maybe this would encourage people to actually learn trades like plumbing, carpentry etc and surely we'd all be happier?
I'm sure there are flaws to this plan, like the shop keeper might not actually need his hair cut, but i think we could find ways around it hehehe, maybe i'd just persuade his wife that her brunette hair would look much better blonde or something.

How funny would it be if people that came to my salon for treatments could pay with them with car tyres, or jewellery, or heaven forbid SHOES!!!! now wouldn't that be something

Maybe i could just become a modern day version of Errol Flynns "Robin Hood" running around in tights on my horses robbing the rich to feed the poor, with my band of merry Chicks in tow we'd steal the G's and Prada from the Kardashians and the Beckhams  and take it to Cash Converters and wax the lot on Tesco value stripey goodies for the poor hungry chavs.

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