Monday, 28 November 2011


So what is it with us women and our fascination with shoes? it's like they are the Holy Grail or something, when i see a pair of shoes i want i obsess about them until i have them and no matter how much they kill my feet (and mostly they all hurt) i wear them to death until i spot the next pair that i need. Thank the Linden Gods that i can wear heels 24/7 pain free in SL, cause seriously some of the shoes i wear in there i would break my bloody neck wearing them in RL.

This week in SL my darling sis Brookie and i almost missed the N-core sale!! (OMG i think we would have sobbed for a month if we missed out on shoe bargains) so off we went and bought shoes in colours that we'd probably never choose just because they were on sale, i mean WTF!! how many outfits in SL do i have that i will wear Lemon colour shoes with?? but but but they were only $295L , so that's my argument and I'm sticking with it!

But now i have a little problem, I'm actually gonna have to get a job cause i blew my tier money on shoes (ooops) i dare not tell my fiance that we might be homeless in a couple of days because wifey can't control her shoe habit and spunked the rent at N-core he might actually hit the roof and divorce me before we're even married :-(  if only i could convince the owners at N-Core that i would blog my little ass off about their shoes if only they would give me the entire collection for free ( Not a chance)

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